Free Tinwhistle Tunes

Clarke Celtic WhistleWe are using a unique format with the beginning tin whistle player in mind. Each tune will have the finger patterns displayed under each note, also at the bottom of each tune is a audio player so you can hear the tune or practice along with the music. The tunes will consist mostly of Irish session tunes, with other traditional music thrown in. I will be adding new tunes every few days. So check back often or follow us on Twitter for tune and blog updates.

To view the sheet music just select a tune from the list below.

Denis Murphy’s Polka - October 2016
The Dark Island - September 2016
The Cup of Tea - September 2016
Cooley’s - September 2016
The Concertina - September 2016
The Coleraine - September 2016
The Cliffs of Moher - August 2016
The Butterfly - May 2016
The Burning of the Pipers Hut - May 2016
The Blarney Pilgrim - May 2016